10 Indoor Games to Play with Your Kids

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, everyone has been hooked up to their screens. Some hours we spend on our phones or laptops because we have to work, while others are necessary because we are bored. However, it is now impossible to go out and have fun.

The increased use of screens, both by children and adults, is a concern for mental and physical health. Increased screen time can lead to tension headaches, back pain and eye strain. Additionally, people are more likely to consume negative information via social media, which can cause anxiety and stress. It is crucial to make the most of your time and improve your family relationships. This was something that we rarely had time for before COVID-19. Indoor games can make it more fun, making it a win-win for everyone.

Children are known for staying indoors as much as possible. It’s not always possible to play outside, especially if it is raining or dark outside. These situations call for indoor games.

Don’t forget Ludo, Snakes and Ladders! Here are ten indoor games to keep you (and your neighbours’) entertained:

1. I spy:

This game is great for children younger than 5 years old, as it helps them learn the letters and form words. Choose objects that are easily visible to the child. This is a fun and educational game.

2. Hide-and-seek:

Hide-and-seek is a great game for those who have large homes. The ‘peek-a-boo’ game is a favourite with children and can be quite entertaining. You’ll be able to find your child’s vegetables the next time you need them.

3. Simon says:

Simon Says is a fun game that tests your alertness and prompt responses. Simon is a game that requires you to give commands beginning with “Simon says …’.”. Anyone who doesn’t follow the instructions or is misled into following commands that start with ‘Simon say’ is out.

4. Musical chairs

This party game is also a great indoor activity.

5. Scavenger hunt:

Scavenger hunts are best conducted indoors, with clues placed over large areas. Create simple, fun clues and a creative “treasure” at the end.

6. Charades:

Charades is an indoor game that has been around for a while and is loved by both children and adults. It would be best if you used actions to communicate the name of a book to your team in a given time frame. The other teams will struggle to contain their laughter.

7. Scrabble/Boggle:

Boggle and Scrabble are word-building games that allow you to score points based upon the word you choose or how many words you find. These games help your child improve their vocabulary and keep them engaged while learning new words.

8. Pictionary:

Your teammates should try to guess a word together by drawing it aboard. You score more points the faster your teammates get it. The team that has the most points at the finish wins. The team with the worst drawing skills often makes this game more fun.

9. 20 questions:

Consider a book/movie/person of note. Your opponent must guess the name and ask you 20 questions. You can only ask questions about the answer, but you must answer them yes or no.

10. Uno:

Uno, a family favourite, is fun and requires alert. It is great for rainy nights.


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