7 Games to Enjoy in the Snow

It’s tempting to stay inside during winter. But there are many fun games that kids can enjoy in the Snow. My children love to play outside in the winter, especially when there’s freshly fallen, Snow!

If it is too cold to go outside for any time, we prefer to stay inside and play table games with our friends, such as these winter-themed table games. Suppose you don’t have the time to bundle up, get outside and enjoy some fresh air. After you’re done, make some hot chocolate inside!

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe can be played in the Snow. You can either use snow paint or collect sticks, pinecones, and other natural items to draw the game. You could also make a snowboard for Chess or Checkers.

Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag is easy to play. This is a classic version of tag that I loved growing up. By tagging other players, one person becomes “it”. Other players can then unfreeze you by tapping again. After being frozen, children can choose a new player to play as “it”. Kids can be creative and add their twists to the game to keep the fun going.

Obstacle Course

Make a winter obstacle course with your children. They can make snow angels, snowmen, snowmen, or army crawl through the Snow. Ask the children to help you brainstorm ideas for what to include. You might be surprised by their ideas!

Scavenger Hunt

A winter scavenger hunt can be a great way for everyone to get outside and move. Make a list of things you might see on a winter walk or of any items you can find. Children can gather pinecones and sticks or make a list of the items they find. You can create your list or download a free template from Teaching Mama.

Another option is to hide toys and coloured ice cubes around your yard so that the children can find them. Keep track of the places you have hidden toys to avoid any problems. Your children might also benefit from your clues.

Snow sculptures

You can do more than just snowmen. Hold a contest for snow sculptures. You can also encourage their creativity with snow charades, where other participants have to guess what they are making in the Snow. You can also challenge them with random props.

Snowball Toss

While everyone loves making snowballs and getting hit with them, not everyone enjoys the process. You can keep snowball throwing fun by adding a twist to the game. You can either lay hula hoops on the Snow or draw large circles. You can see how many snowballs they can toss into the circle. You can set up a target on the ground to assign different points values depending on where the snowballs land. This will make it more challenging for older children.

Snow Tube Race

You can organize a race in a snow tube or sledge. Even if you don’t race, it’s sure to be fun to go down a snowy hill with a large inflatable unicorn-shaped snow tube. You can also time the kids individually if they cannot go down the hill together.

Inside the Snow

It’s too cold to go outside. For a sensory bin, bring the Snow inside. You can fill a tray or plastic storage bag with small toys, cups, measuring spoons, and cups. While playing with Snow, children should wear gloves or mittens. 

These ideas are intended to help you and your child create snow memories. 

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