Top 10 Outdoor Games for Children

Outdoor games can be a fun and affordable way to entertain your children and friends. You can play them in the garden, at the beach, or on a family day-out. They often require very little preparation so that you can jump right into an outdoor adventure!

These are the top 10 outdoor games you can enjoy with your kids. Ready, steady, go!….

1. 40-40 (also called 123 Home, Forty Forty in)

Choose a stable base, such as a tree or a bench. The base can be a tree or a bench. One child will stay there while the other children run away. While the child at the base searches for other children, the others run and hide to avoid being seen.

2. Capture the Flag

It works best for large groups. Divide the group into two teams, each team will get a flag. You must steal the opposing team’s flag without being tagged or sent to jail. Your team can tag you to get out of jail.

3. Red Light, Green Light

One child is the “traffic light”. They both turn around and shout “green light!” while the other runs towards them. They shout “red light!” when they turn around and are sent back to the beginning. The one who tags the current traffic light is the next “traffic light”.

4. Jump Rope Challenge

A cup of water is an additional challenge. Each person must hold a cup and then jump three times. The person with the most water in their cup is declared the winner.

5. Sardines

You can think of Hiding and Seek in reverse. Instead of one child searching, the one-child hides and everyone else searches. Once a child has been found, all the other children hide with him until the last child discovers everyone hiding together. It looks like a lot of sardines!

6. Turtle relay

Mark a starting and finishing line that is only 5m apart. They must race in two teams to cross an object using their heads. You can use eggs, tennis balls and apples; pretty much anything circular!

7.Giant Slip & Slide

To make your garden a giant slide, all you need is a tarp and some water. To keep your little adventurers safe from the sun, use sun cream and swimwear if you are playing outdoors on a sunny day.

8. Blind Man’s Walk

You can set up an obstacle course in your backyard using anything you have. Before blindfolding the children, let them examine the course and then send them off one by one. The fastest wins.

9. Tag

This is a great way to tire the kids quickly! This classic game is available in several variations. Try freeze or the ultimate flashlight. You can play in the dark using a torchlight. If you are lit up, you are ‘it!

10. Water Relay Race

Divide the players into two teams. At the start line, place 2 water jugs full and 2 empty water jugs at the finish line. Each team will be given an empty cup. Each team must race back and forth, filling their cups at the start and then emptying them at the end. The team with the highest water content at their finish line jug will win.


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